About us

ART -STYLE Co. was founded in 1990 as a family company and is located in Nové Dvory, just outside of Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. The company has undergone a complex evolution of going from just one employee to being the leading producer of replica furniture in the Czech Republic. In the nineties and the first decade of the new millennium, our company was focused mainly on Western markets, especially the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain. With our success and the continually rising demands of our customers, the original production facilities became inadequate. It quickly became necessary to relocate and expand, so we opened a new manufacturing plant covering an area of 1500 m2 in the year 2000. In 2004, that area was expanded even more with new sales, warehouse and office space added, then totaling 4200 m2. In 2006 we re-opened to the public showcasing our newly expanded showroom with an additional area of 1100 m2 , where customers can not only choose from hundreds of items of our own production, for every room in the home, but also imported exotic furniture from India and Indonesia, as well as other stylish soft furnishings, such as sofas, chairs, wing backed chairs and many other interior accessories and goodies to adorn your home.

Today our company’s focus is now mainly directed toward the domestic market here in the Czech Republic as it has become our biggest market. The production of our company’s products are focused on producing high quality, stylish furniture made from soft woods and custom manufactured stylish, solid wood kitchens. All our furniture and kitchens cabinets are made from spruce, but also can include the use of other hard woods, such as beech or oak, for the countertop and other additional surfaces or accents. Our furniture and kitchens are completely made to order, custom built, in no way mass produced, thanks to our ability to manufacture these customized and individual designs, our company is able to maintain competitive prices and successfully pass on those savings to our customers.

ART -STYLE Co. also operates an e-commerce website, our e-shop www.art-meridian.cz where you can find and purchase high quality and beautiful household goods which we import from all different corners of the world, as well as our own items we produce on site.


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