How to Order a Kitchen?

If you are interested in placing an order or have an inquiry regarding the purchase of one of our fitted kitchens, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Contact us to make a personal appointment to discuss details at our firm.
  • Have a look at our offerings in our catalog and choose which style you prefer.
  • Bring with you to the meeting all measurements and the layout of your kitchen area. We also recommend that you bring with you a photo of the room which indicates ceiling height, where the water and electricity connections are, as well as drain pipes.
  • At your appointment, we will discuss the details and personally sketch out a complete plan for your personal kitchen design.

Production times and final delivery dates of your kitchen will vary depending on the size of the kitchen, but on average, including installation, and assembly, it typically takes two months from your order. Duration times also can depend on the timely delivery of the appliances and any other additional accompaniments to our construction workshop. We require that all appliances are delivered to us before we begin construction. The purchase of appliances can also be arranged with us and may be included in the price of the bid.


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